Photo Transfers and Wood

It is remarkable that when friends and family die, you spend lots of time looking at pictures and thinking about them.   And the extended tree.  It is a way to connect and feel a part of something larger.   Wonder who are these people and what were their dreams and goals for their lives?


For me, it’s an opportunity to try to find a way to make the photos be displayed in another manner.  Short of just doing t-shirt transfers which I’ve done, or putting the photos in frames, which I also did, I was think of what else?   And not really wanting another purse or t-shirt, I’ve been reading books and blogs.  This blog by the Graphics Fairy gives a wonderful list of ideas: and I highly recommend her blog as you get really nice ideas of DIY projects and just love her Halloween graphics!

My coworker shared with me this lovely book on memory quilts by Brian Haggard.  He does very intrigued embroidery and the way he transfer his photos to his quilts and clothing is very well done.   I’m hoping to do more of this when I have more time.

In looking into new ideas, I was intrigued by transferring to wood.   Very easy and fast.    I ran a few pictures through my printer onto dark fabric transfer pages.  There is a trick to this.  First, make sure your iron is hot and not on the steam setting.   Plus a cloth between you and the transfer, which you lay face-up on the wooden piece.   Then keep checking for it to be firmly adhered and not too long so that it melts!


And then found some wood pieces that were in my yard.  Thankfully the boyfriend had left some old theater sets in my backyard to build me a shed and these stuff has finally come in handy.

These old school photos from some distinct relative on my mother’s side of the family.   The vintage look of these photos was already there so it looks great against the grey paint on the wood.

I had to turn them into a jewelry display using some old ceramic knobs that were my dad’s and added this stars that I had to mimic the star on outside of the old barn door.  I attached a picture hanging hook to the backside.   Now I have my bracelets hanging from it.

The other nice thing, is this wood is 2 inches thick which gives me a mini shelf as well to put my other little nick knacks on.

Eh voila!   Both an attractive way to hang my continuing growing jewelry collection, display photos and create art.

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