Alburquerque New Mexico 2014

Many many years ago on a camping trip to the Southwest from upstate NY, I ended up in Alburquerque on night.  We pulled into the KOA at night, set up a tent and went to sleep.  The next morning as I unzipped the tent, I looked up and the sky was full of hot air balloons.  Little did I know that I had stumbled onto the Balloon feista.  This year I finally made it back.   We had volunteered to work, but the organizer forgot about us so we ended up with a small mini vacation in ABQ and sights like this.  DSCN1292The sky is so full of balloons that it doesn’t possible. The only sound is the roar of the flame that keeps them aloft.   It is a magically and spellbinding vision.

Indeed the Sky “today” was the daily bread of the eyes – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

What do I do with this these many photos and many more since we have another 2 potential opportunities(barring more wind or rain).   I’m thinking a polymer clay cane of a hot air balloon. A new woven rug?   Or some new t-shirts?

DSCN1284 (2)DSCN1300 (2)

Any suggestions?

DSCN1326  Yes, it is a penguin!

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