Beads and things

I am getting ready to change my life into some new directions.  Part of that involves retiring which is an odd thought as I’m not really at retirement age yet.   My dad always thought I was too young to retire yet but I’m taking the plunge.   The other part is to start doing more art not just in my free time and to make more art.

My one big news is that I am teaching at both Beadfest 2015 in Sante Fe and Bead and Button in Milwaukee.  I’m looking forward to trying this new adventure.  It is part of me trying to become myself and to realize my dream of being an artist.    It is part of the journey of my life that I am traveling on, to see what is at the end of that path that I am now choosing to follow.

What am I teaching?   Two classes – and one using polymer clay and one using metal and embossing techniques.

Embossed metal Millifiori pendant revised

I wouldn’t be doing any of these jewelry pieces, if I hadn’t taken classes myself with both Susan Lenart Kazmer and Lisa Pavelka.    Both of these ladies have been very inspirational and such fun to take classes with!  I hope that I am able to be the same type of teachers that they are.

I also highly recommend taking classes with either of them.  If you love metal or are curious about it at all, Susan is a great source of knowledge.   Also her ice resin and embossing powders are great.   If you want to learn about polymer clay, magic glos, crystals or even viking knitting, go to Lisa.   I cannot even imagine how my art would be without having learned techniques from these guys.

But I also need to credit my local Polymer Clay Guild for learning this particular polymer clay extruding technique.   A guild is a fabulous place to meet other people who are interested in what you are, hang out with them, laugh with them (at times cry with them) and build up a community of support that you didn’t realize you needed.   The Tucson Clay Guild is such a place.  It has turned the Tucson Gem and Mineral show into a party week with dinners and the annual polymer clay party (thanks to another great artist, Christi Friesen).

I am very grateful to all these artists and friends who I have been able to learn from and who have joy to my life.   I think that we can all continue to grow and expand our lives by taking classes and learning new things no matter how old we get.   Or at least this is what I am going to try to do.

And so my new adventure begins.


3 thoughts on “Beads and things

  1. Merry, I wish you great success in your new direction and journey. You will be a wonderful teacher and may this adventure bring you lots of happiness and magic in the creation of art.
    Lynn Lesselroth

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