We gather together over the river and through the woods

My families’ thanksgivings were frequently not on the actually day.   Most times my dad who was a railroad engineer had to work, so we’d have the meal when he was home. This could have been  even be a day or two later.   The one time we tried to go to a relative’s house, there was a major snow storm that shut down the interstate so we had to turn around and go home and eat whatever was in the house. Meanwhile my cousin Deanie and her husband had turkey to last them for a very long time.

Therefore I always think of thanksgiving as something of holiday to make your own.   When I lived in NYC, we went to Chinatown for dinner and went to see the movie Time Bandits. I remember riding the subway up to go see the movie, being full of wonderful Chinese food.   Then one year, me and some of my girlfriends rented a cabin in the white mountains of Arizona, loading up on food and alcohol and spent the holiday weekend, hiking, eating and watching classic movies on tv. To this day, Casablanca resonants thanksgiving to me.   Last year I went to the Grand Canyon via the train and spent one night there.   Though it was filled with enough people to remind you of a black Friday experience, the back drop of that lovely canyon you could block out the crowds.

So what am I thankful for?   This has been a year that I changed my life.  Retiring, travelling, teaching beading classes at some amazing bead

the cats - Piercy, Munchkin and Perry

shows and meeting some great people.   Seeing Alaska.  Seeing the ocean both in Alaska and California.   For my great friends.  Meeting my great niece and nephew for the first time this past summer (Anna and Matthew!).   Experiencing an earthquake.   For my kitty Perry who at 22 years old is finally going to leave me.  We’ve had a great life together.  I’m thankful that Wyatt finished his roof.  I’m thankful that I know all these fabulous artist who have inspired me and continue to inspire me to be more creative and stretch my vision.

sunset against trellis

I still believe the thanksgiving holiday can be what you want it to be.  My hope is next year to be at another grand canyon or similar seeing another beautiful part of the world.  And being grateful for all that I have and all the people, cats and art in my life.


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