Riding in Cars

I just read “Talking Mysteries, a conversation with Tony Hillerman”, which I had picked up when I was in Albuquerque last fall.    It’s a delightful book and inspired me to re-read all of his novels again.   If you haven’t read these mysteries, you are really missing out on a great  series.  I’ve been trying to get through the books for the past two weeks.  Almost like my birthday present to myself.

Joseph Leaphorn spends a lot of his time working through his cases by reviewing all his evidence; while also looking at the scenery around the four corners area of the southwest.   As he drives around, he mentions that he is “enjoying the beauty of the view.”   He talks about how finding balance and beauty is something he constantly tries to balance.

It reminded me of how when I used to visit my parents that we’d go for rides just to drive and enjoy the beauty of the view ourselves.  We’d go by the horse pastures, look at the barns and cows, and see the Vermont blue mountains.  And even just drive down roads sided by tall green trees.  Just to drive.  And to be in the moment.  It was wonderful.

In the past six months, I’ve been trying to remember how to be in the moment.  And to enjoy the beauty around me.  It’s a task that I try to keep myself working towards.

In Tucson, you don’t really go for drives as generally you are going from point A to point B and not much in-between. Not many tree lined streets here.   Not much time to try to enjoy the beauty of life.   But I try to remember to take the back road or the less traveled one.   And work on seeing when the stillness and beauty of life can find me and find balance.

I am continuing my block series.   This one I just finished is a winter photo of the house I grew up in, in Newton New Jersey.  Very much in the country.

nj house block

A block print of the house where I grew up in winter.

I haven’t decided what all these blocks will be but for now am enjoying playing with the photos, using the old wood in my back yard and creating.





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