Convergence in Milwaukee

I just got back from attending Convergence (my biennial weaving conference) in Milwaukee.  IMG_1945

It was a good conference though a bit smaller than past shows.   I was told that attendance is going up and I hope so as it’s such a loss not having more attendees and vendors around.

Some of the things that I really enjoyed were my classes, the vendors, the Art Museum and the other gallery shows, the companionship of the other weavers and previewing the Rug Auction.

My paperless book class with Judi Dominic was fab.  She always has great ideas and I can identify with constantly finding new ideas to work with.   Here’s my new books made from felted sweaters she brought in as well as some lace and beads from my stash and buttons from hers.


Soft Paperless Book

My other two classes were with Becka Rahn.  She designs digital fabric among other talents.  Her classes were great and lots of information.  She had a couple of pieces in the fashion show.


A word about the fashion show.  This is usually a highlight of the conference.   This year however, there was a major technical issue that no one bothered to address.  Instead the entire audience was blinded by these huge spotlights which made it not only impossible to focus on any of the models walking on the runway, but the colors were every impossible to tell.   I thought this blue dress was grey!   It was a huge disappointment.   I suggest that next time the conference committee actually thinks about the audience and our ability to see.   Otherwise, I’ll skip the entire show and just wait for the gallery show.  Here’s a couple more pieces that I missed during the show!


The other show I went to was called Small Expressions and it was at the Public Art Museum which is free on the first friday.  The museum itself is a piece of art.  I rode the trolley back to the hotel and got a guided tour along the way.   What fun!

The vendors at a weaving conference are amazing.  There are looms all around being demoed on.   You can pick up other tools and accessories.  Yarn, beads, clothing, books, etc. etc.  I managed to buy a few more skeins of yarn, found a lovely piece of shibori dyed leather and wandered around just in heaven.   It’s nice to have so many options available when you live in area with only one weaving store.

Since the Albuquerque Convergence, there has been a Rug Auction on the last night.   I and my two roommates went to the preview of the rugs.  Wow.  I wished I had been staying to participate.  Many options including this great train rug.   In two years, I’ll plan to attend and maybe I can get my train rug.


In two more years is next Convergence.   Hopefully by then I’ll actually have something to submit for one of the exhibits.  Be able to make something out of one of my recent purchases.   Buy a Navajo rug.  And learn something new.  And hopefully be a teacher!



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